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An unprecedented look at Canada’s history: How commercial design helped shape the country’s image

Up to now virtually nothing has been published about Canadian Pacific’s decisive role in “branding” the nation at home and abroad. The company’s visionary leaders used the railway line’s potential to its fullest, swiftly creating a pioneering global travel and transportation empire, for several decades the world’s biggest. As Canada’s main private land owner, Canadian Pacific became a key sponsor of immigration. These and numerous other activities were publicized with unparalleled proficiency and quality, projecting a dream-like world of the new state that became part of its identity. Never before or after has a single company influenced a nation and its image to such an extent. The book takes the reader on a colorful, delightful and educational journey brought to life by hundreds of historical illustrations and photos, many of which have never been published before.

Utmost care was taken in digitally restoring and reproducing the priceless Canadiana as accurately as possible. This volume also demonstrates how a uniquely Canadian graphic design style developed over time, the essence of which can be felt in Canadian design until this day. The making of modern Canada is unimaginable without Canadian Pacific and its lasting achievements.


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