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Designed to the 8-1/2″ square format, “My Little Square Book of Steam Locomotives” is simple to read and factually educational in its content. This full-color, 32-page, children’s book presents a fascinating look at steam locomotives in the nonfiction genre. Entertaining and informative, children learn how steam locomotives work; how to identify steam locomotives by their wheel arrangements; how brakeman slowed and stopped trains by climbing up on freight cars and turning brake wheels; what the first self-propelled steam engine looked like and how it evolved into providing steam power to locomotives; the purpose of water stops, the tender, and the caboose; and a glossary of steam locomotive and railroading terms. Children who love trains will love this little book not only because of the knowledge it imparts to them, but because they can take pride in disseminating the knowledge gained to their friends, schoolmates, and even to older acquaintances who know little about steam locomotives. This book about steam locomotives is the first volume in a complete set of My Little Square Book titles listed below. By collecting the entire set, children will possess a mini-library that’s all about trains. Recommended for readers between the ages of 8 and 12. Volume 1: Steam Locomotives Volume 2: Steam Locomotive Tender Cars Volume 3: Railroad Box Cars Volume 4: Railroad Coal Cars Volume 5: Railroad Tank Cars Volume 6: Cabooses


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