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Southern Pacific Railroad began with a simple idea: to connect San Francisco and San Diego, California, by rail. A century later, Southern Pacific had become one of the largest railroads in America, with lines that stretched from coast to coast (connecting to New York via Morgan Line steamships) and from the south to the northwest. In 1959, SP moved more ton-miles of freight than any other U.S. railroad. Engines featured here reach back to the era of SP steam, and forward to the diesels of the 1970s.

Engines and trains featured include:

Southern Pacific 2728, a Class C-8 Consolidation (2-8-0), was built by the Schenectady Locomotive Works in 1904

Southern Pacific 9192, 7562 and 9208 (All EMD: an SD45T-2, an SD45 and another SD45T-2) are on a southbound freight in merger colors

Southern Pacific 6203 (an all-EMD consist: two F7A’s and an F7B) are leading train #52, the southbound San Joaquin Daylight

Southern Pacific 8288 (power consist is all EMD; the first and third units are SD45T-2 “tunnel motors,” the middle unit is an SD-45) leads southbound “oil cans” through the Tehachapi Mountains

Southern Pacific 6003 (an all-EMD power consist: E7A, E7B, E7A, all in the “daylight” paint scheme) is bringing Train #40, the eastbound Imperial into Phoenix, AZ

Southern Pacific 4475, a Class GS-7 built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1930, was one of 11 Northerns (4-8-4) purchased from the St. Louis Southwestern Railroad

Southern Pacific 4172, a class AC-7 (4-8-8-2) built at the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1937, along with a second AC, has cut away from its train at Los Angeles, CA

Southern Pacific 4373 (a 4-8-2 Class MT-5 Mountain) was built in 1930 by SP’s Sacramento Shops. MT-5 s ran largely in passenger service for more than a decade

Southern Pacific 3206 (an EMD SDP45: these locomotives were designed for passenger train service; SP had ten of them) is leading Train #52

Consolidation 2756 (2-8-0) is awaiting service and another locomotive sits nearby as the City of San Francisco slips past at Port Costa

Southern Pacific 1824, a Class M-6 (2-6-0) Mogul, one of only three, is leaving El Centro, CA

Southern Pacific 4451, a Class GS-4 Northern (4-8-4) built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1941, is waiting to couple onto Commuter Train #142 at San Francisco


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