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The Union Pacific pioneered transcontinental rail service. Eventually, running freight through half of America meant long consists hauled by some of the largest locomotives ever built. Reaching back to the end of the steam era, Union Pacific 2019 pictures giants ranging from mainline Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boys and Challenger 4-6-6-4s, to the Bull Moose 2-8-8-0 compound articulated engine and the unique Union Pacific Type 4-12-2. Steam on! Engines and locations in the 2019 calendar include:

Union Pacific 4004 (4-8-8-4) has a westbound manifest freight in tow as it pulls up to the coal dock on the #3 track at Harriman, Wyoming, on a snowy January day in 1955. In its career of seventeen years, it ran more than one million miles before being retired in 1958. Eight Big Boys were saved, and the 4004 was one of the lucky ones. It is on public display at Holliday Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Union Pacific 9725, a General Electric C44-9W, and 3252, an EMD SD40-2, are rolling an eastbound vehicle train through a snowstorm near Echo, Utah, on February 25, 1996.

How s this for power? Union Pacific 828 (4-8-4), 4001 (4-8-8-4) and 9000 (4-12-2) are all at the coal dock at Cheyenne, Wyoming, on March 9, 1956. Built by the American Locomotive Company for the Union Pacific in 1926, the 9000 is freshly painted.

Union Pacific 3530, a Bull Moose compound articulated 2-8-8-0 built by the American Locomotive Company in 1920, is a point helper with a brace of diesels leaving Buford, Wyoming, seen here in the background, on March 24, 1949.

On the morning of March 29, 1953, Union Pacific 9010 (4-12-2) and 3709 (4-6-6-4) were leading a westbound freight several miles east of Granite Canyon, Wyoming. The 3709 suddenly lost power, and the train stopped, blocking the westbound line. The problem turned out to be a clogged smoke box.

Union Pacific 4001 (4-8-8-4) is working an eastbound freight through Hermosa, Wyoming, on June 21, 1956. When the first one of these twenty-five behemoths was nearly completed at the American Locomotive Company, where they were built in 1941, someone in the shop chalked the words Big Boy on the smokebox. The name stuck.

Union Pacific Challenger 3810 is crossing the South Platte River near Quimby, Colorado, running on the Dent Branch north of Denver on August 22, 1954. The 3810 was in the first group of Challengers built in 1936 by the American Locomotive Company.

Union Pacific 4007 is on the #3 track with a westbound freight several miles past Cheyenne, Wyoming, on June 30, 1958.

Union Pacific 1938 (2-8-2) is a point helper for 3823 (4-6-6-4) on a westbound 106-car freight rolling through Omaha, Nebraska, with a trainload of empty reefers on September 30, 1956.

Union Pacific Veranda Turbine 70 and Big Boy 4000 are double-headed on a westbound freight passing through Hermosa, Wyoming, on October 11, 1954.

The Boise, Idaho, depot sits in the background as the fireman on Union Pacific 805 (a Class FEF-1 Northern) waters up his locomotive.

Union Pacific Big Boy (4-8-8-4) 4005 is on an eastbound freight, pulling into the center siding at Hermosa, Wyoming, on November 15, 1954.


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